A Better Week Starts Today!

A Better Way To Monday!

Can you imagine what it would be like if you didn’t dread Monday’s? Didn’t have the Sunday night blues? And lived each week with a little more intention? 

Can’t imagine it? 

Let me tell you… you would walk into work and life with more confidence. You would approach problems with a solution instead of more problems. You would have better relationships at work and home, and you would have a bit more control in your life!

Let's do Monday's, the right way!

From Pep Talk: Tap Into Your Jealousy

About The Book

From Pep Talk: Pull A Taylor

From Pep Talk: What Are You Waiting For

Monday Morning Pep Talks is written by your new friend, Colene Elridge, aka Coach Colene. It's written to give you short, actionable inspiration to start your week off right. But, let's be honest... sometimes you get to Thursday and you're fading fast... pick up this book and get your spark back! 

With inspiration on every page, Coach Colene keeps it real, keeps it fun, and keeps it short. Imagine having a coffee (or tea) date with your one friend who kinda has her sh*t together... you know the one! Each pep talk feels like that!

Coach Colene has helped thousands of women create better work and better lives for themselves through her coaching, workshops, and pep talks. This book takes it one step further!

About Colene

Colene Elridge, AKA Coach Colene, is the coolest person you haven't met yet! She's a coach, speaker, and author... but really she's like your super cool best friend! Her mission is simple, Create Better Work and Better Life for the clients she works with. Either in a corporate setting or hanging out on Instagram, she's here to show you that we all have the ability to BE MORE!  

Colene's has been featured in local, regional, and national media on sites like Success, Ladders.com and Mind, Body, Green, as an expert on workplace culture, women in leadership, and creating life with intention. Her humor, relatability, and keeping things simple make her a go-to source.  

Follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration. 

“Starts my week off right evey Monday."

Jodi O.

“I have always struggled with gearing up on Monday's. Your Pep Talks are such a positive email (amidst a bunchof work emails) with such a positive voice. That's why I enjoy them so much!

Betsy D.

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