Vision 2019

This is your year to SHINE!

VISION 2019: How to Embrace Your Vision and Confidently Take Charge of Your Life in 2019. 

Starts Monday, January 14th!

Join Hundreds of Women from Around the World for a FREE guided special training + live coaching. In just a few minutes per day in ONE WEEK we will tap into your vision for 2019 that will set your year up for success! 

7 Day to tap into your vision for 2019.

These focus areas have been created to help you get ahead and stay on top of your year by teaching you:

2018 Reflection

Lay 2018 to rest with love.

2019 Vision

Start 2019 with intention.

Action Plan

Let's get to work!

Now that we've outlined a few of focus areas, now let's look at what you'll learn:


What Will You Learn In Our 7 Days?

  •  How to become crystal clear on your visions for 2019 and how you can begin manifesting them…TODAY.  
  • How to confidently begin making the BEST decisions for yourself, your life and your business  
  • How learning to say, "No" is tied to your vision  
  • How to identify what’s blocking you from feeling like the confident woman that you are and how to overcome those blocks.  
  • Powerful keys + actionable steps for success  

Quick Challenges

Each day's challenge can be done in 15 minutes or less. These are short + powerful exercises for success.

Private Facebook Group

Join the exclusive private group with like minded individuals, gain new friends and support for your 2019 vision. Let's build our #squad and support each other. 


Y'all I don't believe in bribes, but I do believe in rewards. I have some amazing things lined up to reward your progress.

Live Support

I'll not only be in the group sharing, I'll be live in the Private Facebook Community throughout the challenge to further support you create your vision.


About the Author

Colene's passion lies in transforming women into leaders. Whether you're leading a family or a Fortune 500 company, leadership is a game that starts within. She creates innovative, fun and powerful programs to help women step into their own brand of leadership to create change and impact. She's thrilled to guide you through creating a year with intention, value, and action. She's here to help you get sh*t done!


I did the challenge last year and felt like I had a better idea on what I wanted from 2016. Not only did I achieve a lot more, I created more time for myself to do the things I LOVE. I travelled to 3 different countries this year because of Colene! It was the best!

- Beth

Amazing advice.

"I love the Facebook Group. Colene offers amazing advice, but so do the other women in the group. I've made meaningful friendships and have a lot of support."

- Sarah


Here’s to stepping into your confidence as a woman and making 2019 your best year yet.